1.   NAME


The name of the club shall be the “AVELEY ANGLING CLUB”.




The object of the club shall be to promote good fellowship between all anglers, to hold friendly competitions, to seek and rent suitable waters for stocking and fishing and do everything in its power to assist keeping rivers and waters pure and clean.




Membership shall be open to all persons who have attained the age of sixteen years as at 1st April each year. Any member leaving, or expelled from the club for any reason, shall have no right to any assets of the club. The 3 remaining original members who set up the club and aided financially, shall become life members when attaining pensionable age. Other life membership shall be at the discretion of the committee.




The club shall consist of such number of members, as the committee for the general management of the club shall decide at any given time.




The management of the club shall be deputed to a committee who will set bylaws and match rules. All committee members including the officers shall be elected at the AGM. The committee shall have the power to fill any casual vacancy or to co-opt onto the committee. The officers of the club will be elected for a period of two years in pairs, alternating bi-annually, with each pair over lapping by one year. The Chairman and Treasurer forming one pair, the Vice Chairman and Secretary forming the other pair. All other members of the committee will be elected for a period of one year. All officers or committee will be eligible for re-election, when their term of office ends. All officers and committee members shall attend at least six meetings in a full year; failure to do so without good reason shall make that person ineligible for any future position on the committee, or office.


a)       The officers of the club shall be: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and      Secretary.


b)       The committee shall be comprised of the officers plus Match Secretary, Assistant Match Secretary, Membership Secretary, and up to three Bailiffs, together with no less than 3 and no more than 5 ordinary members, however the Committee shall have the option to co-opt on a temporary basis any member onto the committee. For a meeting to convene there must be at least five members of the full committee present, of which at least one must be an officer (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, or Secretary).




a)  The committee shall decide the annual subscription and final date for renewals.


b)  Any member failing to pay their annual subscription on or before that date shall cease to be a member of the club.  They may re-apply for membership in the usual way. (see paragraph 7)


c)   It shall be the responsibility of each member to ensure that the membership                                                secretary is advised of any change in their address.


d)  A charge of £10 will be payable for the replacement of lost membership or I:D cards.


e)   Incorrectly completed renewal applications will be returned to the submitting member. A charge of £2 will be incurred to cover the cost of postage.




Applications for membership must be made in writing to the Membership Secretary.  As soon as a place is available this will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.  Applicants shall forward the necessary payment within fourteen days of this offer; failure to do so will result in the offer of membership being withdrawn.  All new members shall pay an enrolment fee, determined by the General Committee.  This fee shall be payable by former members (as defined in 6b) re-applying for membership.


a)  Members may add the names of their children to the waiting list at any time - these names will remain on the list until they are offered a place.  Rules 3 and 7 still apply.




All gate keys shall remain the property of the club and must be returned on relinquishing membership.  Deposit on keys is £5.00.




All eligible members must attend at least one work party per year from the options provided on the renewal form or pay a levy of thirty pounds. A member failing to attend any selected work party without giving prior notice to a bailiff will be fined fifty pounds or have their membership revoked. 


All new members will be required to undertake a work party on one of two dates offered by the committee.  Failure to attend the selected work party will result in a fine of fifty pounds or loss of their membership.


OAP’s will be exempt, proof of age maybe required. Members who are incapacitated may also be excused; proof of incapacitation may be required.




The committee shall have the power to suspend or to expel any member who shall offend against the rules or bylaws of the club or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the committee, be contrary to the interests of the club or injurious to its reputation and render him unfit for membership of the club.  Before any such member is expelled the Secretary shall give him seven days written notice to attend a meeting of the committee, which notice shall contain particulars of the complaint made against him. It should be noted that, in the event of an expulsion or membership revoked, there will be no refund of any monies already paid and any claim, to any of the clubs assets, will be forfeited.


No member shall be expelled without first having the opportunity of appearing before the committee and answering the complaints made against him and unless the majority of the committee then present vote in favour of his expulsion.




The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held during the month of February in each year to receive and consider the accounts and annual balance sheet prepared by the Treasurer, to appoint officers and members of the committee, and to decide on any resolution submitted to/by the committee.


a)       Notice of the date, time and place of each Annual General Meeting stating the last date for submitting resolutions shall be sent to each member of the club, at his last known address, at least thirty days prior to the date of the meeting.


b)       Only those resolutions made in good time shall be put to the AGM, these will be voted on by a show of hands.


c)       Irrespective of the voting at the AGM/EGM the officers of the club shall have the discretion of putting any proposal out for a postal ballot to the full membership. The result of such ballot to be known within one month of the AGM/EGM, the matter being held in abeyance until the ballot result is known. The result of such ballot(s) being final.   



An EGM may be convened at any time by resolution at the AGM or the resolution of the committee or upon the demand in writing signed by not less than 15 members. Such meeting to be held within 30 days of the passing of such a resolution or on the receipt of such notice by the secretary.


Notice of an EGM shall be posted to all members not less than 21 days prior to the date of the meeting. Notice of an EGM shall contain the date, time and place of the meeting and an agenda of business to be discussed. A postal vote form for each resolution shall also accompany the notice and agenda.




The committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the club rules and bylaws, and the decision of the committee upon any matter affecting the club not provided for by the rules or bylaws shall be final and binding upon the member.


a)  In the club rules and bylaws, where the context permits, words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.




Neither the club nor any officer thereof shall be liable to any member for loss of or damage to any property occurring from whatsoever cause on any organised club event, nor for any injury sustained by any member or guest on any organised club event, at club waters or otherwise.  Members and associated members visit waters entirely at their own risk.



The financial year to end on the 31st December each year, an audited account will be presented at the AGM.




MATCH RULES                                                                                        AS OF FEB 07


1.            The Match Secretary shall have the complete right to decide any matter arising on any competition, including any matter not specified in these rules.


2.            When a competition is to be decided on a points system.  Points will be awarded on the following scale:-


1st        20 points

2nd       19 points

3rd        18 points

4th        etc.


3.            In the event of an equal weight, the points for that position and the following position(s) shall be added together and divided amongst those with equal weight, e.g. 2 equal first, 20 points plus 19 points = 39 points divided by 2 = 19.5 points; third 18 points.


a) Should at the end of a match series, points be level between two or more competitors then total weight caught shall be used to separate those involved.


4.            In the event of a fish not registering on the scales, 4 drams unrecorded shall be awarded for the purpose of scoring.  This shall not take preference over a competitor that weighs in 4 drams, which shall read 4 drams recorded.


5.            Swims shall be pegged, club members will draw for peg numbers at the draw time.  However the Match Secretary or his assistant can decide to have a walk off.


6.            Permits and licence must be shown to the Match Secretary if he asks prior to drawing swim.


7.            Each competitor shall be responsible for ensuring that the correct weight of his catch is recorded by the Steward.


8.            Competitors may only disturb water prior to the match with keepnets and for the purpose of obtaining water for the wetting of ground bait.  Competitors may also plumb the depth or wet the line prior to the starting signal.


9.            All complaints must be made to the Match Secretary or a person deputised by him, by the time of the weigh in.


10.        Competition shall start and end at the time stated in the fixture card unless altered by the Match Secretary before the start of a competition, and be signalled by a blast on a whistle.


11.        A competitor must position himself for fishing within the confines of his swim.


12.        A competitor shall have only one rod, one line and hook in use at any time (two in night matches), but may have other rods and tackle assembled for use in position behind him, providing no such other tackles are baited.


13.        All ground bait may be thrown by hand, or by the use of catapults, throwing sticks, swim-feeders and bait-droppers, but no other mechanical means of projecting ground bait is allowed.


14.        Competitors must play and land their own fish in their allotted swim.


15.        Competitors will cease fishing at the finishing signal, but are allowed not more than 15 minutes to land a fish hooked prior to the finishing signal.


16.        All live fish are eligible for weighing in.


17.        No competitor may have his catch weighed in when litter is lying within boundary of his swim.


18.        No rod to be left unattended.


19.        All fish 5lb in weight and above should be weighed and returned to the water as soon as possible. All fish to be taken to the nearest club scales, to be weighed and witnessed. 


20.        A competitor breaking any of these rules or acting in an unsportsmanlike way is liable to be disqualified from the competition and may render themselves open to further disciplinary action.



GENERAL BYLAWS                                               NOV 08        


1.                  There will be no close season.


2.                   Not more than two rods per person may be fished at the same time on the club waters.


3.                  All members shall at all times honour the country code, all gates to be closed, all crops to be avoided, all wildlife to be protected and undisturbed.  Other people’s property to be respected and, trees and shrubs not to be trimmed or cut. No alteration to the lake bed.


4.                  Members are requested to fish from the properly constructed swims (where provided) thereby preserving the bank side vegetation. When members want to fish in an adjacent or opposite swim to another member, then courtesy is given to that member and fishing lines retrieved to within their own swim area.  For the avoidance of doubt, the swim area is to the middle of the water and halfway between swims.


5.                  No baited lines shall be left unattended in the water.


6.                  No litter to be left at any fishery, whether club fishery or not. Litter includes nylon fishing line.  Every care must be exercised for the protection and tidiness of the club waters


7.                  All types of portable radio are banned from club waters and members must be discreet when using mobile phones.


8.                  No unauthorised firearms, air guns, catapults etc. shall be permitted on club waters with the exception of recognised bait propellants.


9.                  All cars to be parked in the official car parks and all gates to fisheries to be locked after every entry and exit.  Under no circumstances may cars be parked on roads adjacent to the fishery.


10.               No peanuts, tiger nuts and any other form of nuts whole or crushed are to be used.


11.              No prebaiting is allowed.


12.              Only 1 Kilo of bait may be used in one fishing session.


13.              No live or dead course fish is to be brought onto the club waters.


14.              No treble hooks are to be used when fishing with live or dead baits.


15.              No bait boats to be brought onto or used at the club waters.


16.              No unused bait to be discarded into the lake.


17.              Permanently fixed lead rigs in excess of 1oz or bent shank hooks are not permitted, and an unhooking mat is required when fishing for any large fish on the Club waters.


18.              No dogs to be brought on to club waters, except by a bailiff patrolling the fishery.  (Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times).


19.              No fires to be lit on club fisheries.


20.              Any signs of misconduct or pollution must be reported to a member of the committee as soon as possible.


21.              No member shall introduce any fish whatsoever into a club water except under committee instruction.


22.              No member shall remove any fish whatsoever into the club water except under committee instruction.


23.              No boats, punts or rafts shall be used on the club water unless in conjunction with any official working party as agreed by the committee.


24.              No tents or swimming.


25.              All members must be in possession of their current membership card permit and N.R.A. Licence whenever on club waters.


26.              Any person when asked by a water bailiff or other club member must produce their current membership card, permit and Licence.


27.              No abusive and foul language is to be shown, if approached by any water bailiff or other club members.


28.              Club water bailiffs, will hold a bailiffs identification card, or club membership card, either, of which will be sufficient proof of ID whilst undertaking bailiffing duties.


29.              Keep nets shall be knotless and of a minimum depth of eight feet with a main ring of not less than eighteen inches in diameter, and must be provided by all members when fishing in club competitions.  A member who is without the regulation size keep nets must return all fish immediately to the water. The committee reserve the right to ban the use of keep nets at any time without notice.


30.              Under no circumstances shall any fish of 3lb (Bream 1lb) and above be retained in keep nets of whatsoever size, but must be returned to the water as quickly as possible (following weighing and witness for recognising of record fish or photographing if required).


31.              A part from keep nets no other means of fish retention may be brought to a club fishery, weather in use or not.  For the avoidance of doubt this includes Carp sacks.  This means that they are not even allowed to be left in a motor vehicle in the clubs car parks.


32.              Under no circumstances may Barbel 1lb and over be kept in keep nets.


33.              When handling fish, members are not to use towels or cloths.


34.              The children and grandchildren (provided of less than 16 years old) and the spouse of a club member shall automatically become as associate member of the club.  They may fish the club waters provided they are accompanied by said member and do not prevent a full club member from accessing any swim.  They may not take part in any club competitions except those that specifically allow this (i.e. mixed pairs, juniors match).


35.              For a fish to be included in any club specimen fish competition, it must be witnessed by at least one (preferably two) full club members.  The club reserve the right to check the accuracy of the scales used for the weighing.


36.              Members should make their presence known before entering the club’s waters when pest control or shooting warning signs are displayed.


37.              When night fishing, members should avoid excessive use of lights and avoid shining across the club waters.


38.              Guest Tickets (fishing or non fishing). Members will be allowed six (6) guest tickets per season/year at the discretion of the Bailiffs.  Tickets must be booked from the Bailiffs 24 hours in advance.  Tickets for twelve (12) hours from the start time to cost £5.00p for Adults or £2.50p for an O.A.P or Child under sixteen (16), £10.00p for twenty four from the start time (24) hours or £5.00p for O.A.P child under 16. (Bailiffs Addresses & Telephone No. on membership card). The member must be in attendance with the guest, and will be responsible for their actions at all times on the club waters.   No further tickets will be provided unless the member with any guest obtains the ticket in advance of the expiry of the existing ticket.


39.              If a Brolly or Bivvy is being used, a clearance of at least one metre must be left to allow fellow Anglers room to get passed with their tackle trolleys etc.







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